Saturday, February 24, 2007

Germany and Finland

Ok, I took some German in High School and College so I know a couple words on this card but not the entire thing. Gotta dig out the trusy German/English dictionary and look a few up.
This is an official card (DE-57279) received this past week.

This one is a Thank you card for one we sent to a fellow postcrosser in Finland.

Bald Eagle

Another card from my mom while she was on vacation. She also spent a few days in LaCrosse, WI. I guess there are quite a few Bald Eagles around there so she sent this card.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Phoenix, Arizona State Capitol

Thanks to Shain, who read my blog and offered this one for trade. In return I sent a Wisconsin State Capitol.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Rochester, Minnesota

My mom has been in Rochester, MN for the past few days with a friend. So she sent each of her granddaughters a card from there.
There we go, I'm all caught up!


I'm going to be "postcard pals" with a woman named Marianne in the Netherlands. Here is the first card she sent me. I think it will be fun to correspond with someone on a regular basis through postcards. My youngest daughter is going to be doing the same with her daughter also, since they are the same age.


My cousin who lives in California went to Arizona for New Year's and picked up this card. The perfect card for my animal loving daughter.

The other Vegas card

Since my daughter is at school right now, I thought I'd "borrow" the other Vegas card my brother send and post it here. I like the fireworks.

Monday, February 12, 2007


And one from a friend who went to Florida last week....

Vegas, Baby!

Not all the cards we've received have been from Postcrossing. I've asked some family and friends to send cards too. My brother went to Las Vegas and sent this one. He also sent a view of the stratosphere at night to my other daughter but she has it hanging in her room. I won't wake her up to post it here! :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Florida's Gentle Giants

The manatee. I love 'em and collect all things manatee. Don't ask me why. I know they aren't the most attractive creatures out there! But I've been interested in them ever since my first visit to Florida in 1995. In fact I just recently "adopted" a manatee and I'm waiting for my packet in the mail from

This is a card I got from a trade

Ballooning in Australia

From a balloon tag, a photo of a hot air balloon flying over the Australian countryside. The sender said the balloon goes over her house every weekend and she marked the place on the backside of where she lives. Again, another country I'd love to visit someday. (Those who know me well can probably figure out why ;). Also, riding in a hot air balloon is something I've always wanted to do! I'm just waiting for hubby to surprise me with a balloon ride!

Hyvinkaa, Finland

This if from a private trade. A multiview of Hyvinkaa, Finland. You can see their marketplace, railway station and library.

Bonn, Germany

Next is an official card from Bonn, Germany. A multiview of some great buildings and views in Germany. (DE-58179):

Lisboa, Portugal

Two official cards in a row from Portugal.
A beautiful night view of the capitol city of Lisboa. (PT-23989):

Oceanarium in Portugal

We always like visiting zoos or aquariums wherever we go so it was great to get a card from one in Portugal. This is an official card we received. (PT-24904):

North Carolina, State Capitol

This one if from a State Capitol tag. Raleigh, North Carolina

Germany mapcard

Another private trade, this one from Germany. One of the countries I'd like to visit one day. I know very little German. Took it in high school and college, but not remembering much. My daughter will be taking it next year so maybe some of it will come back!

Istanbul, Turkey

See, I told you I'd get behind again on this whole posting thing!! I need to start scanning as soon as I get them! So I'm gonna do my best to get caught up today and then stick with it. Here's a card from Turkey through a private trade.