Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All about me.........and my postcards

Here are the 4 cards we received last week.
First a West Virginia State Capitol card from a US Capitol tag.

Next is another Official card. This one is from a 4 year old girl in Singapore :)

Another tag, this one from Ohio:

Last but not least a private trade from Alaska. We love the polar bears!

So far then on our quest to get all the states we are up to 6 states. That is just any card with the state name on it. I would also like to complete at least the state capitol collection.

At first we were having a hard time thinking of stuff to write on our outgoing cards. With the last few we did the other day my daughter seems to have gotten into a groove and decided on a few little things to write and draw on each card to make them her own.

She also took what we have received so far to school last week. She is in 6th grade and each week one student in her class does a little presentation titled "All about me". They read a poem they each created for an assignment and bring in photos and items from home that relate to things they like or hobbies they have. She was excited to have some cards from other countries to bring. They all write a comment about her presentation on a sheet with her name on it, which her teacher gives her the next day. Most of her classmates commented on how cool her postcard collection was. She was quite proud of that.............so was I!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

3 cards in 3 days

And they are all from Finland! It's nice to get at least one fun thing in the mail each day! Something other than junk mail or bills!

Here's what we got. A couple very nice scenic cards and one frozen one!

Tracks in the snow (FI-114748):

Finland nature (FI-112614):

Frozen (FI-112127):

That puts our official received cards up to eight!

Until next time!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Playing catch up

Time to play a little game of catch up. I'm sure I'll be doing alot of that! I've got five cards received since Saturday that I'm posting today. This is why we're not doing too many tags and swaps.......I know I'll have a hard time keeping up!!

We got a couple cards on Saturday Jan. 6th. The first is a card from a friend (not through postcrossing) but still wanted to share it. My daughter's friend and her family were in Hawaii at the end of December and sent us this card.

Next is a card from one of our first tags. This was a US to US tag. We got a cool one from Florida with a pic of the state from space.

On Monday came this this map card from Holland, a private swap from someone looking for state capitol cards so this is what we chose in return.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we received two more. This is from a US state viewcard tag. A great view of some farmland in Iowa.

And last, but not least a trade from Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is a postcard created from a personal photo that she took. Great view of the mountain and moon.
That is something I'd like to do soon, create my own postcards from photos I've taken. One of my passions is photography and I just got a new digital SLR! I love it. And in case you're wondering.........you can never have too many cameras!!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Ukraine card

No cards received yesterday and the mail hasn't come today, but my daughter wanted to get our Ukraine (UA-305) card up from the other day. It's from the city of Sumy, a photo of Altanka, the non-official symbol of the city. This is the front of the card, it was more like a greeting card, folded in had and written on the inside. I really like the colors on this card, but then again purple is my favorite color. Until next time..........

Thursday, January 4, 2007

You've got mail!

Well, after a few days with no mail service because of the new year and the post office being closed for a national day of mourning........former president Ford died.......we received 3 cards in yesterday's mail.

The first is an official card from India (IN-1617).
A photo of the backwaters of Kerala:

The sender wrote our names in the native Malayalam script, which was cool to see!

Next was an official card from Finland (FI-111750).
A multiview card of some Finnish landscapes, their flag and a map:

And the third one received was a private card from The Netherlands. We got this one from the woman who turned us on to postcrossing in the first place, a friend from another message board that I belong to that mentioned in to the group one day. Thanks, Sandra!!

Here is that card:

We did also receive on card from the Ukraine today, but I have yet to scan that one. It will be included in the next entry. Waiting to see what the mail man will bring us next time!
We have plans to work on getting some more out in the mail this Saturday afternoon. We have some cards to get out that we promised in return and for trade.

Later :)

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

I've decided to start off the new year with a blog showing all the interesting and fun postcards I'm sure we'll receive from postcrossing. My daughter and I just joined at the end of November and are already having fun together. I'm sure I will be just as involved and "addicted" to this (if not more so) than her!!

So far we have sent 10 official cards. Five to Finland, two to Germany, and one each to the UK, the Netherlands and Brazil. We've also sent one each to Germany and the Netherlands for private swaps and are eagerly awaiting the cards from those in return.

So far we have received two official cards in the mail, both from Finland.
The first looks like a replica of a painting.
This is from Rovaniemi, Finland (FI-106876):

The second is an Ilves Felis Lynx, an animal native to Finland (FI-106412):

Hopefully we will have more to share soon!