Thursday, January 4, 2007

You've got mail!

Well, after a few days with no mail service because of the new year and the post office being closed for a national day of mourning........former president Ford died.......we received 3 cards in yesterday's mail.

The first is an official card from India (IN-1617).
A photo of the backwaters of Kerala:

The sender wrote our names in the native Malayalam script, which was cool to see!

Next was an official card from Finland (FI-111750).
A multiview card of some Finnish landscapes, their flag and a map:

And the third one received was a private card from The Netherlands. We got this one from the woman who turned us on to postcrossing in the first place, a friend from another message board that I belong to that mentioned in to the group one day. Thanks, Sandra!!

Here is that card:

We did also receive on card from the Ukraine today, but I have yet to scan that one. It will be included in the next entry. Waiting to see what the mail man will bring us next time!
We have plans to work on getting some more out in the mail this Saturday afternoon. We have some cards to get out that we promised in return and for trade.

Later :)

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