Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm back!

I came across a Sandy, the Armchair Traveller's blog today. She is travelling around the world in 80 days via her postcard collection. It got me thinking and I decided I wanted to start sharing my postcard travels again.

Now I don't have nearly as many cards as she does and I'll be posting them as I receive them for the most part so we might be haphazardly traveling the globe but it will be fun! I also plan to go back and scan the ones I missed in the past year......not many because I don't always do a ton of trading, but I want to have an online record of them all.

I will also go back and scan a bunch of cards that I have from my high school days when I first started collecting for a bit. I also have some from before that that my family had and I found in a pile of old pictures I got from my grandmother's house when she passed away.

So buckle up, let's start travelling again!

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